Web3 Art & Culture Jamming Collective : marketing

Web3 Art & Culture Jamming Collective : marketing

We are building a collective of “digital provocateurs.” The goal is 50% ART & FUN and 50% SAVE THE WORLD. I believe in abundance, so I also want us all to be compensated robustly for our efforts and skills. Once established, we will work together to shift this into a DAO model. 

The collective will blur the lines between art + commerce + culture, virtual communities + coins + tokens, publicity + marketing + hype, culture jamming + activism + trying to “save” the world via decentralization. 

I am a somewhat successful award winning and  Emmy nominated  “media producer” and have also held leadership roles in prominent “political” and “activist” movements and organisations. I have built and rapidly scaled numerous multi-million dollar for-profit, non-profit and political organisations. In short: I’m not playing games here, this is a very serious proposal with the highest of aspirations. 

My theory is that if we bring together some bad-ass tech folk, bad-ass media/creative folk and bad-ass PR – we can do pretty much anything we want. The marvel of the modern world means that a small handful of people, working remotely and with very little upfront expense – can truly build anything and actually change the world. We are only limited by our imaginations. 

Projects need to be able to capture the public’s imagination (hype) and be fucking cool. I have made numerous things “go viral” and have the utmost confidence I can do it regularly – WITH THE APPROPRIATE CONCEPTS. 

We will start with a series of smaller “tests” which will assess our combined abilities, gauge real world engagement and interest in various concepts and put some money in the general fund/our pockets. Then we will take what we have learned and build towards launching much “bigger” projects with the potential to have a real and positive impact on the world. 

I have some solid concepts to get us started, but fully embrace a true collaborative process. 

The collective will have the following departments: 

  • Tech (with an emphasis on “web3”) 

  • Art & Media (graphic design, video, generative art, etc) 

  • Hype (traditional PR, social media, gorilla media, etc) 

  • Org (logistics, finance, strategic planning, scrummaster, etc) 

  • (Creative comes from all departments)

I’m guessing 2 to 4 people per department, but that’s TBD. We will of course also collaborate with other individuals and groups on a per-project basis. We need at least one rock-star in each department to get started. 

The core group will be expected to commit approximately 20% of their time to this project in the short term, with the mutual goal of this becoming a more or less full time project for all of us in the not too distant future. 

No offence to anyone, but the core group needs to be highly experienced “senior level” professionals (or very close to it). I am sure there will be opportunities to bring junior level people into the fold – but first we need to build the core. 



  • Is “hype” actually the most valuable commodity of the modern day? 

  • Does anyone have any general thoughts on any of what I said? 

  • Suggestions for other groups/projects to look at as inspiration? 

  • Are there ‘positions’ on the team that I am leaving out?

  • Does anyone have the skills and want to join? 

Thanks for reading everybody. I look forward to getting to know some of you soon! 

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