Seeking reflections of a hypertext writing style : marketing

Seeking reflections of a hypertext writing style : marketing

Hey r/marketing,

This post is both a question and a demonstration, both in service to soliciting your honest feedback on a writing style I’ve spent the last few years exploring. If it’s of interest, I’ll later share in detail how we’re using it for marketing our projects/insights and those of our clients.


I’m known as the guy who pranked his roommate with Facebook ads and, later, Forbes called me a Reddit marketing expert. I’ve always paid my rent with marketing consulting, but my true love is building and teaching. Since my prank went viral in 2014, companies have sought me out to “make their stuff go viral” and I’ve tried every which way to explain what it means to contribute authentically to the communities within Reddit. So much of this communication (and my wacky library of past projects), I realized, was context — layers and layers of it. I started looking for a better (richer) way to communicate and ultimately discovered the 📝knowledge management software space.

In 2017, I got kicked off 📝Notion for using it as a blog (thanks in part to traffic from Reddit). I hired a (very smart) friend to clone the basic functionality and created 📝Mythos. At its core, it’s a medium for written communication that enables you to reference any writings in your library, called 📝memos, with an ‘@’ or creates a searchable tag with the ‘#’. With functions like #private which restricts access and #index which makes a memo visible to search engines it’s pretty versatile (and free). The platform has been in alpha since 2017 and doesn’t yet have a business model or active dev team. We’ve opted to use it ourselves rather than monetize it.


I’ve written 50M+ words in this format in the last few years and am often accused of “sending three-sentence emails that take three hours to read” in comparison to Wikipedia-like rabbit holes. The use of this medium has developed a number of deep friendships with those who think similarly, including my lead investor and my (now) wife. For that reason, it’s been challenging to explain its potency. At the end of the day, every click compounds the 📝Choice-Supportive Bias of a reader. In other words, the more people read, the more they convince themselves — a great tool for story-based marketing.


I’m seeking feedback on the writing style. Questions and reflections of any sort, the more candid the better. I’ve included a few of my favorite memos below and you can see how the style is used in the communication above (all of which are inserted with our browser extension). Our use of Mythos makes for a sales funnel that’s a bit like a pipe, crazy effective for a specific kind of target. We’re currently exploring how to widen that pipe and your feedback is paramount to the process.


Thank you in advance for any feedback you have to offer. And, as always, AMA.


P.S. You can AMA 24/7 via The more you pester us, the more we learn to help others.

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