How to increase customer engagement through whatsapp? – WhatsAppMyntra

How to increase customer engagement through whatsapp? – WhatsAppMyntra

At present, more than two billion people use Whatsapp, and every day new people start using it. Hence it is one of the most prominent marketing places for any brand.

The most used way of marketing is the WhatsApp mass message.  Whatsapp can allow brands to engage with people from any country like the UK, Germany, USA, Malaysia, South Africa etc. through WhatsApp.

Whatsapp has started providing the business owners with a dedicated platform called whatsapp business to connect to their clients and targeted audience base. 

In this article, you will get a detailed note about how a company or brand can increase their customer engagement service through Whatsapp.

  • Design a broadcast list for your brand

The first and most essential thing you can do is to design a broadcast list. A list for a particular subject service, product ir issue with one –way communication can quickly help you to increase customer engagement rate. You can add links, images and videos in the broadcast list to make it attractive.

Group chat is not for regular users only. A business can also get excellent customer engagement from whatsapp group chat. It is a both-way interactive group where your clients or interested audiences can connect to your representative and get suggestions, make inquiries etc. to gain knowledge. A group before a product launch is a great idea. 

Whatsapp can allow you to design intuitive and compelling campaigns for your clients. A brand can create interactive games, quizzes, contents, online campaigns, customer interaction platforms. WhatsApp mass message allows you to connect with your clients through these exciting games and content. Your audiences will be compelled to try their hand and may also become your regular subscriber or even loyal clients through the campaign.

  • Provide seasonal greetings 

Whatsapp is one of the best ways to get a personal chat with someone. Any brand can get a better customer relationship and audience relationship through curated usage of WhatsApp. For example, sending seasonal greetings, birthday or anniversary messages are a considerable way. Additionally, you can provide the receiver with some simple giveaways like discounts, freebies etc.  If you can innovatively use bulk whatsapp services, your brand will be able to increase customer and audience engagement, and you will get more clients for your brand with a better brand image.

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