Grey hat SEO techniques

Grey hat SEO techniques are a perfect blend of white hat SEO and Black hat SEO techniques. They are known for using questionable strategies that are not banned by Google guidelines. However using these techniques isn’t really recommended because they are quite risky. if you’re still think that they are the right way to help you improve your ranking of the search engine results pages that you are at the most effective re hat SEO techniques that can take your website rankings upper over the search engine results pages

Add length to your old post

adding length to your previous post will help you generate better traffic what’s the average length of your content which is being published on the website are you posting content that only z800 2000 words long then the results would not be that effective. if you are in a competitive nice then you should prefer creating blog post for over 2000 words is the average length of your previous content is just 1000 to 1500 words then consider adding length to your previous content itself you should focus for this length when you expand your old content

Buy expired domains

buying of expired domains is referred as one of the most popular grey hat technique as it does great if it is used write the strategy refers to buying an expired domain in order to improve the backlinks to the website however before buying an expired domain be cautious to buy a reputable URL only also the main should be relevant to your nation free of any e toxic links as well

Use private blogging network

to private blogging network is considered as a Black hat SEO strategy but one cannot deny that if you build your baby and using a relevant backlinks and duplicate content you are creating great original content for relevant topics as well

Benefiting from the right keyword density

keyword stuffing can hurt your website ranking over the search engine results page but keeping the right keyword density within the content will do wonders for your ranking focus on naturally integrating your keywords

Capsule uses of social bookmarking websites

Submit your website link social bookmarking sites will help you improve your SEO but it is important for you to be alert as overdoing it will ruin your website reputation the best approaches to share your links once or twice on the social bookmarking sites

Submitting your website to web directories

by submitting your website to web directories you can get high quality backlinks for absolutely free of cost. web directory is very therefore you will have to do a thorough search and submit your website only to the web directories that has the ability to generate high quality backlinks

Having several social media accounts

search engine birds also consider social signals besides content in order to improve your website ranking over the search engine results pages. you should open several social media accounts in order to improve your social presence having only one account on a social media platform is considered to be a white hat SEO but creating multiple dummy account on social media platform is a grey hat SEO strategy this account will help you increase your shares, traffic as well as followers

and here the list of some of the most effective grey hat SEO techniques comes to an end hope this article has been informative to you do share your views about the same thank you for your time

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