Free Blogging Platforms In 2023

If you want to promote your work online but have a budget of exactly zero, it’s a great idea to make the most of one of the best free blog website platforms. Saving money, however, isn’t the only advantage. They are also excellent substitutes for constrained social media platforms with their constrained creative options and obsession with shares and likes. Additionally, you have a lot more creative freedom with the many attractive templates offered.

But which are the top free blog website platforms available, given the abundance of free blog sites online? We’ve used them all and heard from other creatives who use them about their experiences.

Free Blogging Platforms In 2023


Wix offers various paid subscription plans and a free option, but it’s best to be aware that this comes with some restrictions. The free product is unsuitable for sites with high traffic volumes because it will have Wix branding and a 500MB monthly data transfer cap. You only receive 500MB of storage, so keep that in mind.

Apart from those restrictions, you are free to create a blog with infinite pages. Wix stands out, though, thanks to its robust blog functionality. Although the editor is straightforward, you have access to everything you need, including image galleries, videos, and music, and there are many ways to customize a post.


Another excellent blogging platform is Blogger. Although it’s not quite as robust as WordPress, it is more user-friendly for beginners, which is not surprising given that Google owns it.

Given how many people now access online content via smartphones, Blogger provides many templates, all of which come with mobile versions optimized for smaller screens. Additionally, web responsive, Blogger. Although it has fewer options, Blogger’s post-editing tool is very similar to WordPress. As a result, its toolbars are more straightforward, a compromise between usability and power.


With its extensive library of templates, Squarespace encourages bloggers of all stripes to express their brands or businesses online. They provide more than 100 adaptable templates that are perfect for mobile devices. With Squarespace, you can either add a blog page to an existing Squarespace website or create your blog using a specific set of templates.

With Squarespace’s scheduling feature, you can choose the day and time you want your content to go live, giving you the flexibility to post to your blog every month, every week, or every day. You can also invite additional writers to your blog so coworkers can submit their articles.


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