Best Social Media Management Tools

One of the most effective tools available to modern businesses is social media. It can attract new customers, increase website traffic, and communicate with current clients to keep them interested in your company. You must be careful with how you use it, as with many robust tools.

While you won’t accidentally cut off your thumb, trying to manage multiple inboxes across five different apps, post the same content on all the other platforms, and stay on top of everything else can take up a significant amount of your valuable time. Using typical consumer apps is virtually impossible. You need a social media management app to do it correctly.

Best Social Media Management Tools


Hootsuite will meet your needs if you’re looking for a comprehensive answer to your social media management problems. It is a social media management app that can be used for scheduling messages, creating and managing potential posts, keeping an eye on your various inboxes, managing boosted post advertising campaigns, and pretty much anything else you might need it to do (within the bounds offered by said social media companies).

Of all the apps I tried, it supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest and has some of the most user-friendly analytics.


HubSpot keeps an eye on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile interactions, conversations, and audiences. Utilizing information from your marketing software and context from your CRM’s contact database enables you to target particular audiences with personalized messaging effectively. This means you can manage your entire social media strategy with HubSpot from a centralized location, including planning, sharing, and analysis.

Additionally, you can schedule posts weeks in advance using HubSpot’s social media management software and track trending keywords pertinent to your audience and brand.

Sprout Social

One of the many tools for managing social media that helps with social listening, publishing, engagement, and analysis is SproutSocial. The tool automates creating and sending personalized messages to leads, customers, and followers, as well as sharing pertinent content on social media platforms; all of this support frees up crucial time for social media managers.

Customer service features are available to help you assist customers on social media when they want and need it. With Sprout Social’s help, you can better understand your target audience, what they want from you on social media, and how you can easily enhance your current strategy.

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