A Guide to Integrating Your WordPress Website with Google Tools

This article serves as a user’s guide to integrate a WordPress website with Google Analytics tools.

Google Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is an awesome and powerful tool with hundreds of amazing features & benefits. It can help us to easily track the number of website visitors, visitor engagement, visitor conversion, source of visitors and all other kinds of activities.

Sign-Up in Google Analytics

Before we go ahead and use any method, first you need to create a Google Analytics account. You can sign up for a Google Analytics account from https://analytics.google.com/. If you have already created an account, then you can begin the integration with the WordPress website.

Set Up Google Analytics Account for WordPress Website Integration

Now after creating the account, there are a few things that you need to do in Google Analytics before you jump to WordPress website integration.

Here are the steps for Google Analytics setup:

  1. Sign in & Click on Start Measuring.
  2. Fill in the required information about the website on the Account Setup page such as Account Name (You can put Website Name as Account Name for now).
  3. Under Account Data Sharing Setting, check the box based on your preference.
  4. Click Next & Fill in the property name under Property Setup. (You can put Website Name as Property Name for now).
  5. Again, click Next and fill in more information about the business under the About Your Business section.
  6. Click on Create and then you can choose Web as a platform to connect your WordPress website.
  7. You can fill in the necessary information to set up a data stream and then click on Create Stream.

In the end, you will have some unique IDs, which means that Google Analytics is ready for integration.

Now that Google Analytics is ready to be integrated with the WordPress website, we will go to the WordPress website.

Integrating Google Analytics Code into WordPress Website

Log in to the WordPress website. Then, you need to install and activate a plug-in called “Insert Headers and Footers” from the Plug-in option.

Next, open the Insert Headers and Footer plug-in from the Setting option of the WordPress website.

In the Insert Headers and Footer plug-in, simply insert the JavaScript Tracking code from Google Analytics in the Header section of the plugin for integration. Now leave the WordPress website as it is for now and you will get the tracking code from Google Analytics.

This unique tracking code is something that will help you track all the events on your website. Here are the steps to get the website tracking code from Google Analytics:

  • First, go to Google Analytics and click on the admin setting that is on the bottom-left side of Google Analytics for the same website.
  • Second, choose Data Streams under the desired account & property.
  • Third, you can scroll down to Tagging Instruction and open the Global Site Tag.
  • Fourth, copy the Tracking code in Global Site Tag from Google Analytics
  • Fifth, go back to the same WordPress website and paste it into the Header section of the Insert Header and Footer Plug-in in the WordPress website.

Hope this step-by-step guide will help you in the smooth integration of your WordPress website with Google Analytics.

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